Beach Bouquet

Just a quick note about this past weekend.

I went to the beach, and it was lovely. Since we live in Florida, we have the option of going to either the Atlantic or the Gulf, and we normally choose the Gulf. It’s very relaxing there, and that’s exactly what we needed.

My skin is about as pale as a sheet of notebook paper, so I’m not usually the type to romp around in the sun, but I still love to lie back in the warmth and listen to the waves.

Yesterday my dad and I sat in chairs on the sand while my mom and my husband swam in the water. After a while, Rob walked up to me, dripping wet, and handed me a very nice arrangement of odd sea-things. He told me it was a gift that he and my mom had made for me out in the water. It was a bouquet.

I loved it.


One response to “Beach Bouquet

  1. Sweet. I knew I liked that boy. He's a good man .

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