Got Pets?

I have two cats, a dog, and two goldfish.

My best times for writing are early in the morning and late in the evening, primarily because I have other obligations during the day. So if I need to get some writing done, I either need to wake up with a few hours to spare, or I need to go to bed a bit late – or both.

This schedule works fine because it forces me to break up my writing times, and I never begin to feel burned out with a story. However, this schedule apparently does not work for my pets.

Sprocket is easily the most needy.

He’s a small dog, so he has to ask to go outside pretty regularly. My husband helps with that most of the time, but the high-pitched whining and scratching at the door can really pull me out of a story. Also, most of the time Sprocket seems to think I simply shouldn’t be working. He’ll bring me his toys, he’ll plop down on my lap, or he’ll just sit next to my chair and sniffle at me about what a sad, little, lonely puppy he is. (it should be noted that Sprocket gets more adventures than most people; he goes for daily rides in the car, he plays with any of about twenty toys, and he runs around outside like a jack rabbit on speed).

Coretta is a little sweetheart, and she often seems to want to leave people to their own devices.

However, if I need to do some research about a topic for my story (or if I’m just taking a small break), I may play a short video on my monitor. She loves this. Apparently there is nothing more exciting for Coretta than getting to snuggle up in the crook of my arm, watching TV with me on my computer – she does it every time. The problem is trying to type after she’s planted herself in my way.

Then there’s Othello.

Twenty-plus pounds of snuggly love, this cat Can Not get it through his head that he is not supposed to sit on the keyboard. It makes no difference how many times I tell him to get off of my computer; he’ll be right back within minutes, soaking the comfy warmth of my laptop up into his belly.

The goldfish are generally accepting of my writing times.  🙂

That’s what I face each time I sit down to write. Annoying though it may be, I’m glad to be surrounded by love instead of ringing telephones or screaming neighbors. My furry friends are just cheering me on, in their own way.

What challenges do you deal with while you work? Are there any ferrets or boa constrictors sneaking up your monitor to say hello?   🙂


One response to “Got Pets?

  1. That picture of Othello sneaking up on the computer is just TOO funny! I love it!

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