War of the Worlds

“2X2L, calling CQ New York.”

Confession time: though I admire and respect Orson Welles, and I have heard parts of his War of the Worlds radio broadcast, and I know all kinds of odd stories about people who mistook it for a real Martian invasion – I haven’t actually listened to the whole thing before. Well, until yesterday.

“Isn’t there anybody on the air?”

Yesterday I not only listened to the Mercury Theatre’s loose adaptation of H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel for the first time. I listened to it twice.

“Isn’t there anybody on the air?”

Because this production aired over 70 years ago, I don’t believe a review would be considered timely.  🙂  However, it’s probably safe to assume that I’m not the only person who missed the show. There are people out there, right now, who are just like me yesterday morning. They woke up today never having listened to War of the Worlds, and they might even go to bed tonight without listening to it.

Some people may live their entire lives and never hear this show.

“Isn’t there… anybody?”

That’s tragic. Now that I’ve learned what I was missing, I’m going to do my part to help others by simply telling you this: go here, sit back, and listen.

I’m a big fan of radio dramas. ZBS produces some of my favorite shows, and the #1 reason I miss my XM Radio is for the books and plays I used to hear every day (my wires and dashboard frame often melted in the Florida heat, and eventually I just gave up).

Once, I even made a radio drama of my own, with the help of my creative team. It was an indie job, but I enjoyed the process, and our listeners seemed to like it, too.

Radio performance is a special art that requires its own kind of writing and acting, I’ve found. The entire concept is something I thoroughly love.

And yet, there I was yesterday, unaware of how awesome the War of the Worlds radio play had been. *shame*

Now, thankfully, I can hold my head high and carry on loving radio dramas and Orson Welles alike, confident that I have listened to one of the very best productions ever put on the airways. And I can move on to find more exciting shows I may have missed… after I listen to WotW just once more.  🙂


One response to “War of the Worlds

  1. You’ve got me sold. Now if I can just find an hour or two to spare…

    Love the way you set the blog up. So sad…

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