Arrival of the Plot Bunnies: Do You NaNo?

Not much to report today other than MY PLOT BUNNIES ARRIVED!

In case you missed the explanation about these darling little guys, take a look here. Plot Bunnies were part of a summer donation incentive for the creative insanity that NaNoWriMo promotes every November in the name of literacy. NaNoWriMo frequently gives away cool gifts as thanks for donations. If donating isn’t your thing, they have a pretty good store, too. I have T-shirts, but my favorites are the patches.

Whew. Starting to sound like a commercial, here. I’m just a big fan of annual lunacy, I guess.  🙂

From their website:

Summer Fundraising Drive = Success!

Thanks to everyone who took home some plot bunnies this week. I’m sure the little critters will settle in just fine, wherever you decide to put them. And remember: If they get ornery, try some Timothy Hay. They love that stuff.

Today the bunny I like best is the one with the robotic ears. I think he’s hooked up to an inspiration machine, so hopefully he’ll tell me what to write when I get stuck. With any luck it won’t be something about carrots.  🙂

The artist is Grégoire Vion from California, and he has some really interesting art!

So, do you NaNo like a crazy person?  🙂  Are you looking forward to November?


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