Where do you go to read and write?

I read a lot about the times of day when people prefer to write. Some authors rise early to catch the creative flow, while others stay up late at night with their characters. For me, the time of day fluctuates depending on the day itself; instead, it’s the location that makes all the difference.

For short stories I like to sit in a chair, often at my dining room table when it’s not mealtime. For novels I like to carry my laptop around and switch locations regularly (unless it’s November – then I’m most likely stationary, writing nonstop without remembering to breathe).

I don’t do very well in coffee shops or other public places, though I may need to try to push through that block – so many writers seem to love it.

Reading requires different locations, as well. I like to read myself to sleep, or I like to sit outside by the lake. When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble for reading at the dinner table.  😉  Rude!

To my writer friends, is there a place you prefer to go when you’re creating? Readers, do you have a favorite spot where you go to enjoy your stories?

Or does the magic just happen anywhere?  🙂


2 responses to “Where do you go to read and write?

  1. I’m absolutely neurotic about where I write. It almost has to be my office desk, and if I so much as switch the location of the desk within the room I’m off my game for several days. Very strange, and I wish I could get over it. But I’ve been like this for years!

  2. Kalupy, I wonder if I would be more productive if I could just choose a spot and stay there. As it is, my attention span is much too short to stay in one place for too long! 🙂

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