How many genres can you list?

The other day I was talking about genres, and someone mentioned chicklit and urban fantasy. This got me thinking about the way we group our fiction and how these groups evolve over time — they sometimes even blend with one another. I normally think of genres as having “parent” categories with related subgenres within those larger groups. Maybe I just like to be over-organized.  🙂

For example:

Parent Genres

Science Fiction

Chicklit would likely fall under the Romance parent category, and Urban Fantasy would fall under Fantasy. Pretty easy.

But are there other parent categories? Is Thriller its own genre, or would you put that under Mystery – or Horror? Are Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror all part of a larger group that would technically make them subgenres, and smaller categories within those sub-subgenres?

It can get a bit complicated, especially when we look at a story that seems to blend several genres at once. Does this count as a “cross-over” story – and, if so, is that a genre of its own? – or does it fall primarily into one genre and simply dip into others for fun?

How many genres and subgenres and sub-subgenres can we come up with?  🙂


3 responses to “How many genres can you list?

  1. Do you think Paranormal has become its own genre now? Or is it just a subgenre of the larger categories…paranormal romance, paranormal mystery, etc? Would anyone say “I write Paranormal fiction”?

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