What do you <3 or hate about plays?

Every form of fiction has its benefits and its drawbacks. I’d like to explore each kind one at a time. In my previous pros/cons post I wrote about short stories. Before that I wrote about novels. Feel free to add your thoughts to the discussions there.

But what about other forms of fiction? They have different benefits and drawbacks of their own, along with shared features of others.




  • They happen in the physical world, in the same room with you.  The audience can feel the energy that the actors give off, and it’s contagious.
  • You usually aren’t involved in the actual story, but you get to see the events unfolding before your eyes as if they are really happening.
  • Other benefits?


  • In order to experience a play, you have to be available during show time, and there has to be a theatre near your home.
  • Believability of the characters relies largely on the actors and their ability to perform well. If an actor falls out of character, the story falls apart.
  • Other drawbacks?

What else?


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