Firefly and writing westerns

I’m finishing up a fantasy/scifi western novel right now. It’s a bunch of fun to write because it gives me an excuse to look at classic cowboy stories and tales of men riding through the desert on awesome horses, carrying really cool guns…

Over and over again people who hear this ask me whether I’ve seen Firefly. “Not that your story is the same,” they tell me (for one, it’s not in space), “but it’s a really good show in the same genre you’re doing.” My answer was always no. I hadn’t seen Firefly. Until recently. I figured after the fifth person recommended it I might as well give it a try.

Now that I’ve watched two episodes, all I can think is

What in the world was I waiting for?

Hopefully you have experienced this amazing show yourself. If you haven’t, I really think you should. Netflix allows you to stream it instantly, so there’s really no excuse for not switching it on as soon as you’re done commenting here that you’re about to obey the call.  😉  Then come back and tell me how glad you are that you did.

As I mentioned, I’m only two episodes in, and I’m trying to take my time, so please don’t spoil anything for me!

But, for those of you who are already big fans of the Show That Died Too Early, please tell me this: how can I possibly pace myself and not watch every episode back-to-back until it’s all over?  🙂


8 responses to “Firefly and writing westerns

  1. Welcome to the cult of Firefly! is it not the best show ever? If you’re a fan of MadMen you’ll love the “Mrs Reynolds” episode.

    Let’s see. . .how to pace yourself so as to not watch all the eps back to back? I suggest just buying the DVDs and watching them over and over and over again. my family doesn’t buy a lot of DVDs, but this was one we bought right away.

    • Thanks for the welcome! 🙂 It is definitely a fantastic show. I haven’t been watching MadMen, but I’ll have to check it out now!

      Good point about the DVDs. That’s going to be a celebration purchase once I finish the series. 🙂

  2. Good luck not blowing through the entire series in one sitting. 😛

    To be honest, after watching the debacles that were the later seasons of Buffy and Angel, I’m kind of glad Firefly got canceled before there was a chance of screwing up the characters one by one… but that’s just me.

  3. Hahaha — the show is quite good — especially for a first season…

    HOWEVER, the movie ‘Serenity’ is pretty egregious — all the acting is suddenly terrible and random characters are killed… yuck.

  4. Pace yourself? I didn’t think that was possible with Firefly. =P

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