It’s that NaNo time of year…

Just taking a quick moment to blog as I get my schedule in order and finish up the massive ToDo List of Doom.  🙂  It should go without saying, of course, but here’s my official announcement anyway:

On November 1 I will begin the insane process of writing a new novel in 30 days.

This week I will spend finalizing my plot. The whole thing is super fun and exciting today, but check back with me on November 20.  😉  We’ll see how I’m hanging in there. In fact, I’ll likely update about my progress pretty regularly, so you’ll know how things are coming along.

Any other WriMos out there? What are your goals for this November?


One response to “It’s that NaNo time of year…

  1. I’m glad some people plan their plots before they write — this certainly doesn’t work/happen when I write. The plots — for me — are more organic and flow during the act of writing. Hence, I have pacing problems, BUT, I seriously can’t plan anything out anyway…..

    Good luck!

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