What are you reading?

Though I love the site, I’m terrible about keeping up with my GoodReads page. When I start or finish a book, I often jump in there to announce that it’s happened, but I rarely remember to update where I am during a book.

That’s probably because I tend to get deeply involved in the stories I love, and even when I take breaks between chapters, I feel as though my location in the book is still moving. I’m always thinking about the characters and the world, even when I’m away from the pages or screen.

That said, I’m a little stuck right now with my reading — not because I have nothing to read, but because I have too many things to read. Currently I’m going through three different books. Sometimes I don’t know which one to pick up!  🙂  That’s not a complaint, of course. I’d love to have more than I can read than not enough.

So, what worlds am I living in right now?

Catching Fire <– book 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy

The Forest of Hands and Teeth <– zombies!!!

Brave Story <– very cool book translated from Japanese (I’m also playing a PSP game based on this book)

What am I missing? How many more books should I add to my reading list right now?  🙂


One response to “What are you reading?

  1. Weird—I was just today thinking about how many books I always have going at once. I wonder why people like us do that?

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