Borders is closing its stores. Is the reader community diminishing?

This morning readers got some sad news: Borders will be closing 30% of its stores in a matter of weeks.

In my area, at least, Borders is one of the best places to go for books, community, and local literary flavor. It’s without a doubt one of my favorite stores.

Want to know whether your preferred Borders is on the chopping block? Check here. It’s a depressingly long list, but there is a search function where you can enter your city name or the store’s address to see if it appears.

Is this the future of print books that some have predicted will come as a result of computers and e-readers? I love my Kindle, as I’ve shared before. But it can’t meet all of my needs as a reader.

Is this another example of how stores like Amazon have attracted more customers with low prices and convenient access? It’s great to be able to check the reviews of a book online or order something I’d like to read in the future. Still, I’m an impulsive reader. I like to pick titles up the same day when the mood hits me.

One of my biggest concerns is the growing lack of locations to gather with a shared interests in books. What will become of the community setting that book stores currently provide? Is it enough to gather online?

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