About Irene

Irene L. Pynn is a novelist, playwright, short story writer, student, teacher, actor, director, and geek.

“Irene L. Pynn is a phenomenal storyteller who immerses the reader in the thick tapestry of her extraordinary worlds. Again, we are introduced to a fantasy author who plunges our senses into stories that spirit us away from the daily grind and transport us into realms where honor builds heroes, beauty is birthed from dignity, and magic solves our problems. Reading Pynn isn’t a pastime, it’s a life choice.”  Ron Gavalik, author of the Grit City emotobook series

“This young woman delves into the emotional aspect of her characters weaving wicked tales of our darker sides.” ~ Golden Visions Magazine

“Irene has an excellent writing style that will draw you right into this one from the start.” ~ eBook Guru

“She’s making you care.” ~ KV Taylor

“Literary dynamo” ~ Rob Batista