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Pets and Books

Well, the vacation at the beach is nearly over, and I’m actually a bit glad. It’s been lots of fun, but I woke up this morning half-expecting my dog to jump up on my belly and lick my face, asking to be let outside.

Then I felt homesick.

My pets amount to one dog, two cats, and two goldfish.

Our dog is a maltipoo (Maltese and toy poodle mix) named Sprocket, after a character in Fraggle Rock. He’s just under two years old, and his best friend is –

Coretta, our kitten. She’s a little calico we rescued from the streets, and the most loving animal I’ve ever met. When Sprocket goes outside, she cries as if her heart is breaking, and when he returns, she leaps on top of him – paws outstretched – to play. They’re absolutely perfect together.

Watching over them is our other cat, Othello. He looks like a miniature panther, and he can usually be found lounging on the couch or the tile floor, observing playtime between the others, once in a while even jumping into the fray himself. He’s my little soul mate from the animal kingdom, so we spend a lot of time together. Sometimes he sits on my keyboard to let me know it’s time to snuggle!

Frida and Pituka are our goldfish. Coretta loves to watch them from the floor. She looks up with calm interest and tilts her head from side to side, as if trying to understand why they’re in the water all the time.

So today, though I’m having a wonderful time getting away from it all, I’m starting to miss home a little. I’ll be happy to see my pets when I’m back!

I’m also getting ready for February, when I plan to do my own, personal NaNoWriMo. My goal will be to finish a first draft of my next novel before March. So that means I need to start plotting now!

If you have any thoughts about From Light to Dark that you’d like to share, I’m always happy to hear them.

Also, be sure to take a look at my silly meme answers to Heidi Ruby Miller’s “Pick Six” interview. You’ll get to learn all about my obsession with cartoons.

It’s cold outside!

Today I’m battling a spotty hotel Internet connection and watching classic movies on mute. It’s a brief, chilly vacation, but there’s something about being away from everything for a day or two that helps recharge the mental batteries.

Because I’m evidently out of my mind, I’ll be enjoying the Florida beaches – in windy January weather. Wish me luck!

The response I’m getting to From Light to Dark is fantastic. I’m so pleased to hear from people who enjoyed it.

If you haven’t yet been over to Heidi Ruby Miller’s page to see my “Heidi’s Pick Six” interview, give it a look! Let me know what you think.

In other news, today is my fiancé’s birthday. Happy birthday, Rob! ☺

Now, to find a sweater in my luggage so I don’t freeze on the beach…

From Light to Dark

Finally I can update again!

Welcome to the new-fangled, redesigned, risen-from-the-ashes-of-webwork-oblivion, It’s good to have a change once in a while, I say. How do you like the new look?

There’s more to announce, so I’ll get right to that and try to keep my post short and sweet this time:

First off, the wait is over for my fantasy novel, From Light to Dark. It has been released and is available right now from Wild Child Publishing!

The people of Light World and Dark World live in fear of one another, blindly hating what they don’t understand, until Eref leaves Light World and meets the beautiful Caer—in Dark World. Suddenly, the worlds are thrown into chaos as Eref and Caer struggle to do what is right.

Marked for death, the two teens must work together against an evil institution that has kept Light World and Dark World apart for hundreds of years.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to send me your thoughts.

It’s very exciting to be able to announce that fellow Seton Hill University grad Heidi Ruby Miller has interviewed me for her “Heidi’s Pick Six” author series! Come learn a bit more about me here:

Also, I was recently honored to be the Featured Author at Golden Visions Magazine, and my short story, “Mind Reader,” was published in their print edition toward the end of 2008.

Here’s hoping that 2009 welcomes you in with open (if chilly) arms, and that you realize something wonderful about yourself this year. Happy reading, and Happy Inauguration Day!


Hello again! I hope you’ve had a great week.

I’ve been trying to stay creative in this humid summer heat! It’s hard to think straight when the sun is beating down on me and the air feels like swampy water, but that’s the price we pay for Florida living.

People sometimes ask where I get ideas for my stories. That’s a tough question because there are so many answers.

The inspiration for “God Corp.” came after several people expected me to fall over with tears because it was possible Shakespeare hadn’t written any of the plays I loved. It was such a strange thing, that anyone would assume the debate somehow negated the value of his plays. I mulled this problem over for a while, and then, poof. “God Corp.” 🙂

Another story (available in a few months) came to mind when I was reading an article online about brain waves. It’s fascinating what scientists are able to learn about people through technology, and I always enjoy imagining what future inventions might bring to our everyday lives.

Once I was inspired to write an entire fantasy novel while watching a performance of Cirque du Soleil.

Anything can spark an idea if I’m in the mood for it. A strange picture, some unexpected music, or even the odd placement of an object in a room will lead me to my keyboard.

Not everything works out the way I’d like it to. But some do turn out, and those are enough to make me remember interesting conversations, bookmark weird websites, and look for inspiration in everything around me.

Afterward, I’ll never look at reality the same. It’s as though I’ve opened up a new possibility in my mind, and now the world is just a bit stranger… in a good way. 🙂

Remember when you were a kid? Everything was filled with mystery, and you were the super sleuth who was going to solve it all. Magic was real. Flying cars were a likely part of your future — they’d probably even have lasers on the front so you could shoot down enemies in battle.

Everything you saw as a kid had the potential to be bizarre and cool with just a little imagination.

I don’t think that changes when we grow up. I think many of us tuck our dreams safely inside so we don’t attract funny looks as we zoom through the mall, arms outstretched, pretending to be an airplane and half-expecting to really lift off. It’s a matter of acting grown up. Not being grown up.

That’s the fun of fiction.

So, how about you? Have you visited a magical world at night while you slept? Has a penny you picked up brought you luck? Have you noticed a coincidence and wondered whether it was actually a “sign”?

What inspires you?


Hello! Welcome to my page at!

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out “God Corp.” on The Opinion Guy. Be sure to tell me what you think of it!

Another short story of mine is slated for publication in a few months. I’ll let you know more details as the date comes closer.

For now, I’m working on some other stories and editing up my novel from 2007’s NaNoWriMo. If you like a good writing challenge with a fun community, you should plan to spend this November with NaNo! I know I’m going to.

Words are so much fun. I’ve been told that English is such a wonderful mish-mash of cultures and languages that it has more words than nearly any other tongue. How cool is that? To explain any occasion, image, or feeling, we have several different options, each one with its own, special connotation and slightly different meaning. I can be happy, glad, elated, joyous, jubilant, content, or just plain excited that you’ve come to my site today. And there are many more words where that came from!

Of course, so many possibilities can lead to confusion sometimes, but what’s life without a little challenge once in a while? 🙂

Shakespeare invented his own words, too, according to scholars, and many of those words have become normal vocabulary for us today. For instance, Zany. Where would we be without that word? 🙂

Here’s a cool link to a list of words Shakespeare coined or created.

Ah, the Bard. My personal hero.

And in the spirit of Billy Shakespeare, I’m going to share a made up word with you. It’s actually one that my fiancé made up, so I can’t take credit for it myself.

Bangledork verb Bangledorked, bangledorking

Bangledork [bang-ul-dork]

— Verb
1. Sometimes followed by “around.” To relax lazily: All I did yesterday was bangledork around the house.
2. To waste time
doing nothing, or to nap in the middle of the day: My plans don’t include anything but bangledorking.

As with all words, this one has room to grow and change. Someday it may even become an adjective, as well(I love these bangledorky Saturdays, don’t you?). Feel free to use it yourself! Or — even better — share a made up word with me so I can expand my vocabulary!

I hope you enjoy bangledorking and all the fun it can bring you today. Thanks for stopping by!