Made Up Dictionary


verb Bangledorked, bangledorking

Bangledork [bang-ul-dork]

— Verb
1. Sometimes followed by “around.” To relax lazily: All I did yesterday was bangledork around the house.
2. To waste time doing nothing, or to nap in the middle of the day: My plans don’t include anything but bangledorking.



Punctuatory [punct-yoo-uh-tor-ee]

— Adjective
1. of or relating to punctuation: This student’s semicolon usage constitutes a punctuatory disaster!
2. a type of weather-predicting groundhog in a parallel universe: Punctuatory Phil emerged from his hole today and saw his shadow. We can expect thirty more years of global warming.

One response to “Made Up Dictionary

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who makes up words.

    Taylorize [TAY-lur-ise]


    (Mathematics). To perform a Taylor Series expansion on a function

    Also, I think you’ll enjoy this website:

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