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Decisions and Revisions

Today is a day of decisions and revisions.

I’ve been going through my short stories and a novel (requested by an agent) most of today, tightening here and adding there. Whenever I get a free moment, I’m looking at my past work and coming up with what I hope are improvements.

At times this editing process feels as dull as putting gas into my car – just another tedious stop on a long trip that keeps me from my ultimate destination.

But occasionally, revising feels really good. It’s as though I have made a terrible mess of things; there’s mud on the floor and there are clothes crumpled in the corner. Then, like Cinderella, I come whisking in with a smile and soon everything’s sparkling clean, ready for the ball.

Today’s been a little of both. Sometimes smelly petrol, sometimes shiny dance floor.

My new work in progress (Abandoned) is getting some attention, as well, though I need to catch up with my word count. Once in a while you’re having so much fun writing a scene that you linger far too long, and the next thing you know, you’ve lost track of where you were going in the first place. Time to break out the plot map and force some discipline upon myself!

The current scene I’m working on in Abandoned deals primarily with eggs. Not breakfast eggs. Not robin’s eggs. These are giant, cracking, prehistoric eggs that contain a very special secret. Shhh. Don’t tell.

Tomorrow I’ll be a guest on Kim Smith’s radio show on BlogTalkRadio at 830 p.m., EST. Be sure to tune in!

Now. Back to revisions… or eggs.