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Original play “Allergies” on Spokane Radio Theatre now!

Come listen to Spokane Radio Theatre at the top of the hour (about five minutes from now) to hear my short play “Allergies!” I hope you tune in — and let me know what you think!  🙂

Cancer sucks, and fiction’s fun!

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re staying warm (and dry, those of you who met with Hurricane Sandy), and I wish you all a great night with friends and family… and good fiction.

While you’re looking for the perfect Halloween read, check out Inveterate Media Junkies’ series of posts today about the awesome anthology, Hazard Yet Forward! This collection of short stories sends all proceeds after Amazon’s cut to cancer-fighting superhero, Donna Munro. You can celebrate this evening by reading great fiction, spitting in cancer’s face, AND eating all that candy you couldn’t bring yourself to give away to the neighborhood kiddies. Yeah, I know about that secret Snickers bites bag.

Come on down to IMJ to learn about the amazing writers who have contributed to this anthology. There really is something for everyone!

You can read my column, The Princess and Her PS3, here.

You can read Heidi Ruby Miller’s column, Geek Girl Underground, here.

You can read Jason Jack Miller’s column, Sound Check, here.

Which is your favorite story from this anthology? I honestly can’t decide — there are so many amazing ones. Let me know if you have a recommendation!

ControlTV and @tristancouvares

This is going to seem pretty strange, but as I write today, I’m also watching a total stranger wander around a house in LA, text messaging and using the computer.

ControlTV is Seth Green‘s experimental reality Internet TV project, where a person named Tristan Couvares will live for six weeks at the mercy of the viewers. How does that work? Easy. We get to vote on what he does.  🙂

Today’s the first day, and it’s just like any other reality TV… boring but oddly relaxing and fun, if you like that kind of thing — which I do. I can’t explain why things like this entertain me. This show is easy to have on in the background without being too distracting, and it provides a completely ridiculous bit of fun to my day.

It’s also fascinating to watch it come together. Today has been buggy and confusing — the site got overloaded at one point and went down –, and that’s part of the excitement. Will they be able to pull it off? If they do, will this create a new genre of web shows where people simply stream live from their own homes all day long? What will that mean for the future of web television?

As an indie, transmedia storyteller, I’m interested in where we get our entertainment. Things like this remind me of what we do with our ARGs: we often strive to make them feel both genuine and fake at the same time. Tristan’s show is not real. His inability to go to lunch until someone tells him what to do, or his restriction against saying name brands out loud proves that. But it’s also much more real than we’re used to seeing on normal or Internet television. Nothing is scripted. Most of the time he’s just wandering around, wondering what to do.

Is it an exercise in sociology? Is it stretching our storytelling boundaries? Is it really pointless and dull? Let’s keep watching to see where it goes.  🙂